mmk i've seen the music video for Poundcake by VH and i saw eddie using an electric screwdriver on one of his strings and i was wonder: would doing this damage the string or is it ok?

PS: he wasnt actually using the "bit" or w/e the thing is that fits in the screw...sorry im not a mechanic
No, no. The question is: Who DOESNT let their guitar sleep w/ them?
ehhhh, maybe a little bit, but they're strings, if you destroy it you can just buy more.
This is true, strings do what they do because they vibrate, the reason EVH was doing this is becuase it makes the string vibrate much faster than it normally would to produce an "In-Tune" sound wave, which gives a cool effect.

The string may have suffered some micro-cracks and what-not, but as z4twenny said, strings break, it happens.