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It's the only way to do it. You take your strings off and the neck will warp. Loosen tension just a bit and lower the strings...tune up. also remember your truss rod may need adjustment as well.

Well my guitar has been buzzing since I got it at Christmas. Today I finally restrung it, then decided to raise the strings to see if that helped. It stopped buzzing when I pick, but it still buzzes a little when I strum chords hard. If you guys think that the truss rod's messed up, I might take it down to the guitar shop and have the guy that works there look at it.
The first thing you need to do is check the curvature of the neck. Is it flat, "bowed" away from the strings a lot or a little, or is it bowed toward the strings a lot or a little, or is it bowed in and out all over the neck? If it bowed tell us at about what fret it is bowed at. Then ask your self "do you feel lucky? Well do ya?" Just kidding. I can walk you through adjusting the truss rod, then we can check and adjust your action height, then adjust your intonation. If you "don't feel lucky" you can take it to a shop and they'll do it for a hefty fee. It's not tough to do if you take your time and adjust in small increments and never reef on a bolt, nut or allen screw. Let me know what's up, I'll keep watching this post. One of the Moderators or contributing artists may have even made a "sticky" on how to do this.
I checked the neck and it seems fine. I think I just obsess over little things, because it only buzzes when I hit the strings really hard, and I just realized that my old electric does that too. You can't hear the buzz through the amp, just coming from the guitar, so it's not that big of a deal. If I decide later that I have a problem, I know the guy that works at the guitar shop (he gave me lessons when I was just starting out), so I think he would help me out without overcharging.
Glad to have offered help. At least you have a plan of action. If your "shredding" you're naturally going to get fret buzz from amplitude of the node (in simple language: it's vibrating wildly).
Thanks a lot for the help, if I decide to try it out on my own, I'll send you a message.