How come we cant use (Invalid img) in our sigs i have a really kewl sig i used on 1 of the old forums i used to belong to how come i cant use it here ???¿¿¿

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u can't? i thought u could...
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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we probably can't put them in our sig because people would put wallpaper size pics, and pages would take hours to load. It'd be good if you could upload them to something on Ug that compresses them to a maximum size so they're smaller sizes. They may add such a feature when they update the site in a couple of months.
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I've often wish we could have images in our sigs, but then there's nothing to stop people posting huge pictures, or crap like Tubgirl, so we all get an eyefull of crap with every single one of their posts. It would also mean murder for the few dial up users here.
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It's tidier
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Why? you have avatars and profile pics. Do you want your arse wiping as well?

Besides, I don't want to see 2000 crappily photoshopped pictures every time I log on, thanks (that wasn't a dig at you btw!)
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I reckon if you abuse your sig limitations , your sig gets disabled.

it should be as simple as that tbh.