k now that i have your attention and since nobody even looked at my last thread know u have to. PLZ!!!! I NEED HELP!!!

k here is the situation, im tryin do do some recording but my pedal isnt workin i just got it like 3 days ago and it worked fine last time i used it. The red light is on so its not the outlet its not my amp cause thats working fine and its not my guitar or cables cause there ok to so what is the deal with it.
i dont know. that happened to me, and the batteries were dead, but u ahve it plugged in.
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i have 2 threads cause no one even looked at my old one and its a digitech hot head and it is plugged in and thanx but i figured it out im not sure wh but all the chords were tangled and when i untangled it it started to work so thanx anyway
someone who knows about it will reply, just because no one replies within a few minutes is no reason to keep making threads.
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