I think you messed up your links, the first 2 only point to the cab. Regardless, I wouldn't get either of those unless you've already played them and had the opportunity to really compare them with other amps. What is your budget, and what kind of music do you want to play on it.
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Well I'm just starting a thrash/death band. I could probably go up to $500 CAD.
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I would have said an Ashdown Fallen Angel but they're probably going to be hard to find now seeing as they're being discontinued, I notice that Musicians Friend doesn't have them listed anymore.

Maybe check out the Roland Cube 60.
For $500, is there a good half stack i could get that could be good for gigs?
look on ebay
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Don't get a solid state half stack, doesn't sound nearly as good as a tube amp when turned up loud (assuming both amps cost the same amount of money).
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