HOW DO YOU DO IT?i now you have to do somting with the thum and pic but i don't get it

it would be fricking asome if some one sends a link to video or somthin like that.

pleas help me
You Say it i play it
i recommend youtubing it. its kinda hard to explain, it more or less involves holding the pick by the very tip and rubbing the edge of your thumb against the string as soon as you hit it (technically its the instant after you hit it, but i personally can't notice the difference between when its hit with the pick and the thumb is rubbed against the string)
try it first with a high overdrive, you notice what you have to do easier that way, and then just go from there.
well...u pluck the string with the guitar pick, and as you're doing so, u slightly touch the string with ur thumb (try plucking the string with the pick and thumb simultaniously, it's hard to describe in writting). it's easier if ur thumb is right over the tip of the pick. try doing it right above the pole pieces in ur humbucker and then go up and down the string till u find that sweet spot where they really ring out. u'll need to have the guitar set up with the bridge pickup and distortion so that u can really hear it.
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Basically, I'll tell you how GuitarOne taught me. All you do really is add your thumb to your picking attack whilst playing with a pick. You pick it, then "pinch" the string with your thumb... It takes awhile to get it down though.
go to shredschool.com

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heres a link for some youtube tutorials, i would think one of them would be decent (im at work so i dont have audio to check them out for ya, hope this helps)
what I do is after I pick the note I twist my pick to hit the harmonic

just another way of getting the same sound