better than most covers you'd see on here, much better, yesterday is good as well, u should put some reverb or tight delay over the vocals, would fill it out beautifully, wow yesterday is great, just finished
Not bad.

You didn't do the little transition part before the chorus, my fav part.

Also, try doing upstrokes as well during the verses, it sounds very stagnant.
As you can tell from my sig and the quote under my avatar, I am a big fan of this song and of what it stands for. I think you did a great job with it. Your voice is a little like Lennon's. In the verses, I thought you could have cut the guitar strums in half and maybe it would've sounded a little better. I also think you need a pop filter for your mic. The P in people popped in each chorus. The mix was great. I don't know if you recorded everything at once or not but it sounded good. Overall great job. I will listen to your other stuff later.

Would you mind critting a collab between me and slash_no_1??
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Very good!
also, the vocals were very good.