I can get either of these amps fpr relatively the same price. Any suggestions??
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dsl 40. Its way worth it. The AVT sounds sterile, while the DSL has warmth. When you push the AVT you get an unwanted clip noise, when you push the DSL you get a smooth overdrive.
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dsl is by far better than an avt.

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i was in this same predicament...... i played both and the dsl had no where near enough gain for me and it was dearer so i got the avt and im pretty happy...but it is all personal preference
Depends on what kind of tone you want. If you want a nice smooth, warm amp, go for the DSL40, but if you want a rape your dog, trainwreck, ice cold tone, then pick the AVT.
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If you want a good little tube amp that will serve you better in the long run, get the DSL. If you want an overpriced marketing hype with a cheap sound, get the AVT.