Yes, its sad, but I don't feel like it should be publicized. Just because you're famous doesn't mean it she be "Breaking News" because a family member of yours died.
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He probably killed his dad for naming him LaDainian. Why do these people name there kids like that. Yeah, I said these people.
to the people who said "who"- in the words of the sandlot, forgot who said it, "were you born in a barn, man?"

yes, its very sad, but i agree that it shouldnt be widely publicized. its very personal, and if it was me, i wouldnt want the whole world knowing
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My gf tryed to click your sig link and then asked me why it wouldnt work .

Oh.. wait....
Your Sydney Moon avatar is distracting me. My respects for the guy although I don't know who he is.
Who cares!
How many brothas fell victim to the streets?

Rest in peace young nigga, there's a heaven for a G.
^ Slow news day I guess. I feel for you LT.
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