I can't read sheet music, and I want to have great tabs. And I thought I saw something on it, but is there really authentic tab books? If there is, can some one send me a link? thanks
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There is no such thing as "authentic" tab books. Its always just someone with a good ear sitting there listening to the song over and over trying to figure out what was played. ("transcriber", "transcribed by..." etc) (if the sheet music publisher even gives them credit...)

This is because of the simple fact that unlike Bach and Beethoven, Jimi and Kirk and Dimebag etc didn't write their music down when composing it. So someone has to figure it out.

not to say that some tab books are not better then others.. or also that some transcribers are better then others
If you want sheet music from the net, then sheetmusicdirect.com, but to be honest with you, a lot of the good tabs on this site will be of the same quality and it's worth checking here first. If you want tablature for a full album then it might be worth going out and buying the book of it.
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I think Iron Maiden gave away a few authentic tab books. However, only Dance of Death is worth spending money on, becouse the others don't have the solos tabbed (or so I've heard). Also check out Led Zeppelin Classics. Don't think that it is 100% right but, you can always play it like it says in the book. Most often the mistakes are that the tabber has tabbed it on the wrong strings (the correct notes however).

I bought both of these from Amazon.