i have been trying to learn the persian scale in G on allguitarchords.com and i got this

Scale - Persian

what does this mean??? the picture above it makes it even more confusing. I am used to seeing either the tabbed scale or just the notes in the scale. Can somebody tell me how you read this?


heres the link
The "1,b2,3,4,b5,b6,7" compares the scale to the major scale. So if you want G Persian, you take a G major scale, G A B C D E F#, and flatten the second note, flatten the fifth note, and flatten the sixth note. You will end up with G Ab B C Db Eb F#.

The diagram shows you where you can play notes in the G Persian scale. It is a visual representation of the fretboard.

They have, however, mislabeled notes as G# and C#. In a seven-tone Western scale, each letter can only appear once. This is clearly violated by the fact that they have C and C# (instead of Db) in the same scale. Yes, I know C# and Db sound exactly the same, but it must be called Db in this scale.
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