crawling in the dark by hoobastank, i know the intro uses a delay and something else. it's between a phaser, flanger, or chorus. which do you think it is? got a gig comming up soon and want to use that sound for a song.
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You really don't have to use a delay because it muddies the intro horribly if you aren't careful, but a reverb and a slight chorus works great.
Sounds a little like a flanger or a phaser.
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great song, i am also looking for that sound
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greendayguitar is right. on my v-amp 2 it's either phaser+chorus or flanger+chorus1. they sound pretty close to eachother but there's still that subtle difference that you can still notice.
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Well, the most updated info I can find is from 2005, but his pedalboard has the following...

MXR eq
MXR Flanger
Phase 90
Small Stone (or, if you must, bassballs)
Crybaby Bass Wah
Line 6 mod
Line 6 Delay.

So with the Line6 Mod and Delay modelers, there's really no telling what effect it is. To me, sounds like a very light chorus or flanger and a very light phaser. I know way back in the day he relied heavily on a flanger and chorus combination. I don't know if you can find it, but a long time ago there was a bootleg floating around of a few of their concerts (a few years before the "Hoobastank" record, when their name was actually spelled Hoobustank...they had just dumped their saxaphone player). You can hear this effect all over that show, it was used on just about every song.