Im looking to sell my Peavey Rotor EX. It's Candy Apple red and its in excellent (but not perfect) condition. everything on it is stock except the strings obviosly, ive put Elixer Nanoweb 12-52s on it. (i know those are huge for a floyd, but i adjusted the springs and everything is fine.) I'm just wondering about how much i should ask for it, a cheapo strap, and the gigbag. The reason its not perfect is it does have some bumps on it from everyday use, but there barely noticeable. Im thinking that whoever buys it ill tune it to whatever they want, because i know how bitchy a FR is to tune. So what should i ask? I cant post pics because my cameras dead right now, but later i can.

thats from the peavey site and here are the specs:

24 3/4 inch scale
24 frets
Grover® die-cast machine heads with hollow buttons
Dual torsion rod
Two humbucking pickups
Push-on knobs with rubber rings
One master tone and two master volume controls with three-way switch
Satin black hardware
Peavey®/Floyd Rose® licensed tremolo on Black and Candy Apple Red models

I'm only interested in selling it locally right now, like im gunna put an ad in my post office and then maybe a classified ad in two weeks. So, any ideas?
I'd start at $500 and see if you get any responses. They go for $750 on Musician's Friend and if it's still in good condition you might get that much from it. It's like selling cars..start high, you can always go down.