i just bought a pair of dimarzios for my epi les paul, does anyone know where i can find a guide on how to take the old ones out and put in the new ones?
seymour duncan has videos on how to install pups. Your wiring color codes will be different than the SD's, but Dimarzio has schematics for installing their pups on their site, so you can match up the correct colors. It should be the same number of wires.
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Or if you really don't feel like messing with it. Though its not that big of a deal/ You take all the screws and your pickguard off and take out the old pickup and just screw the new one in. Than take it to the shop and have them sauder the right wires. And since you did most the work they only charge you a couple bucks. But thats only suggested if you REALLY can't do it on your own.
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DImarzio website, funnily enough


although it's just the same as the piece of paper you'll get with the pickups. Just open up the guitar and note down where everything is before you disconnect the old pickups - take some pics too if you want visual references. If you want to wire them the same way it's pretty easy - you first need to solder together the black and white wires to connect the two coils...you effectively now have a 2 conductor pickup which is what the stocks will be. The green and bare wires are grounds and normally solder to the back of a pot - there will have been an equivalent wire on the original pickup so just replicate those connections. The red wire is the hot output which connects to whichever terminal on the volume pot you disconnected.

Also, fit the neck pickup first as you'll have to push the wires through the bridge pickup cavity to get them to the pots...this is kind of difficult with the bridge pickup installed
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