I currently play guitar and have been for about a year now. I've gotten pretty good that I can play most riffs and stuff that I like. So since I finally got a job that pays quite well ive decided to go on and try bass

its really just gonna be for the purpose of playing around with (not going to take lessons or anything) and recording songs that i wrote. I might not even get an amp for it just to save money. first question I have is is it worth it to just get one used from a place like music go round? second question is what should I look for in a nice bass? if anyone could provide any suggestions for nice brands and models and such that would be great. remember though that it should be as cost effecient as possibly, meaning under 150 and no more then 200 USD.
I suggest getting a used fender or a new squier affinity series, most likely a p as they're such a large standard. Just make sure the quality hasn't died down too much from a used instrument and you should be good.
i bought my fender Jazz used and never had any problems fenders last a lifetime

if you just want to screw around prettymuch any bass will do for you i guess.
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The thing with used basses is that you'll probably want to try it out before you buy it because unlike new ones, the quality isn't a set standard so "Mildly Used" can be very subjective if you buy it from eBay or something.
thanks for the help guys, im gonna go to all of the local guitar stores and find one i like

also, can u guys provide suggestions for good bass lines. I like more alternative rock kind of music. my current favorite bassist is the guy from rufio, all of the songs theyve done are awesome with some great bass stuff. id like some challenging so i have something to work with but not something thats gonna take me like a year to get down :p
Honestly, unless you have your heart set on something, the best way to go is used. I've got what i need inn my Peavey, but needed a second bass for drop tunings at shows, so I got a Dean for $155 used (chip in the headstock) and its more than worth what I paid for it. Like he said, there's no standard for used basses, so make sure you try it before you buy it.
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personally i'd buy used over new given the choice. used basses have so much more character and it's not like it's difficult fix any minor problems like dodgy electronics or loose components. just don't get used if the neck is dodgy
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just get a squier, considering you havent played bass you wont be too familiar with the differences in tone, quality, build etc so just get a squier, their pretty good for the price but if you could afford a standard fender p or j bass go for that
Green Day has some pretty good beginneer bass lines. Start with their newer stuff, it's easier than some of their older stuff.
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