Hey UG. I'm wondering, how do you tap out arppegios like this, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ROd7EZGuM8
and not get the strings to ring after they are tapped? I have no clue.

And another major problem I have, when ever I sweep, the g string ALWAYS rings out after being played. It seems I pull off after I play the note, but theres no real way to stop this.
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Try using your picking hand to mute them maybe?

I don't really recall how you should do so, but I eventually did catch on.
There is a way, you might want to check your fretting hand position, make sure your thumb is in the correct place, which allows proper bend and elevation of your fingers, then, this allows you to go straight on and off the strings, it will still take some practice to get it perfect, but aiming for that guy in the vid will take some serious hard work.

To your first question, the reason they are not ringing in the video is because he is playing so fast, to eliminate it whilst laying slowly just release fretting finger pressure after you hit the note, i hope this answered your question, i wasn't quite sure if thats what you were asking, but i hope it helps.


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Ok, sorry. |:

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As for the other posts, thanks, I'll try those later.
I'm back, you douchebags.