Hello fellow UGers. I wasn't quite sure whether this belongs in the bandleading forum, so I posted it here. More people use the pit as well.
Anyhow, I have been the only guitarist in my band for a few months, we haven't started gigging yet and are just practicing, but I don't know if I want to continue with it. The Drummer and Bassist (Who is also the vocalist.) want a heavier sound (ala Pantera) that I don't really appreciate. (Me being a progressive/power metal fan.) I try and inject some of the more melodic elements into my playing, yet they tend to overule anything I do.
I also don't really know if I cut out for gigging, been playing for about a year seriously and I therefore cannot play the majority of the songs I or they would like to cover. This has me worried because practice is starting to become a chore I have to pay for, (The drummer hasn't got his own kit.) and sooner or later I have to severely **** up in public. A little help please? I don't want to let them down as I have known them for years and they have had several guitarists in the past, so I'm asking for advice which may help me communicate my ideas and concerns to them. Anything will be taken into consideration, as long as it is constructive. Much appreciated.
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Leave the band and find someone who likes the same music as you. Play with the band your in for a little while though, just until they fond another decent guitarist. If you help them find another guitarist, they wont be too annoyed about you leaving.
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