Hi I have been reading up some threads on this site about this anchoring situation. When i first started playing the guitar I found my self anchoring with my palm on the body of the guitar and then transcended in to using the pinky on the body now i have got accustomed to doing neither. And i have great improved in speed and somewhat in accuracy. The only problem now and what i get confused with is, should the forearm be touching the guitar body? or not? I have been alternating with my forearm off and on the body of the guitar but i just need some one to tell me if its alright to have the forearm there or not so i can train myself for what ever. I also have problem with staying consistent when doing a constant triplets setup when soloing on the low E, A, and D strings... is there any tips so I can use during practice so that i can alt strum quickly, smoothly, and most important consistent when moving between these strings. Thanks sorry for it being so lengthy.
In regards to the fore-arm on the body i am the same, sometimes i do (most of the time actually) but sometimes i dont, i find that when it is that i play more efficiently, using just my wrist rather than moving my whole arm (which is unnecessary), but there isnt really a right or wrong way, whatever feels comfortable in the way that you develop as a guitarist.

As for the second question, i got over that by simple scale exercises, say start on a scale, any scale, A Aeolian for example (Natural Minor Scale) go 3 notes in, go one back, 3 notes more, one note back etc. This greatly helps speed as well as getting used to playing faster on the heavier strings on the bottom end of you're guitar. Hope i could help.

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The only problem now and what i get confused with is, should the forearm be touching the guitar body? or not? .

Obviously however you are playing right now seems comfortable to you. Everyone plays a little differently and holds the guitar with different stress points and whatnot. If it feels right, and you have always played like that, then go for it. Like that saying, "If it works, do it". Or something. Hah. Anyways, it really doesn't make too much of a difference, honestly. The truth is, people are going to tell you that there is a right or wrong way to hold it, and they are entitled to their opinions. But the truth is it really doesnt matter as long as it works. Rock on.
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