well, my band just had our first real practice ,and let me tell you it seemed so amazing. we played rockin' in the freeworld by neil young , and everyone just seemed to connect as a band, and when we had to stop i didn't want to. so now, i think the next step is writing . i have quite a bit of lyrics(i haven't posted them on ehre in a while but i'll try to get some up) that seem to be fairly populaur among peers, they tell me i have a way with words and whatnot. but anyways, i wanna know whats the best way to write parts for your instrument? does one person do it, everyone comments if they like it, and if they do they just build off of that? or do you all just kinda go off yourselves and just like that mix it ?

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Well I write everything (even for the instruments I don't play) in my band and although it has made me much more talented, the band doesn't feel together when we play. So I decided to just do an acoustic set on my own, made a thread about it. But I think you guys should all write together, it'll give you a better sense of togetherness.
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theres been alot of threads on this one lately. Maybe someone should make a thread to sticky or something. I've basically seen three main types of responses.

1 - write everything yourself - probably not the best choice as they might see u as being too controlling
2 - write basic parts and let them come up with the details as a group
3 - jam on some riffs until a song develops
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My band (in which I play drums) usually comes up with music before the lyrics, and we come up with songs in a couple different ways.

1. one of us will come to practice with a couple guitar or bass part and we write new parts and structure the whole song together
2. either me or the guitarist will come in with all the parts for a whole song and teach it to the others
3. we jam for a while, and write a song out of the parts that we like the most
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I am the MAIN music writer/lyricist for all my bands and that's because the other members don't have the skills to write for everything.

But the way to make it all work is to let them mess around with what you give them, and to play some songs they write too. For instance the other guitarist in my band (i'm either bass-player/lead-guitarist depending on whether our bass player decides to play or not - long story) has a habit of writing AMAZINGLY catchy songs with absolutely brilliant choruses but he can't write verses, and he writes music to go with it. He's no singer but he can sing the way he wants it to be sung so we get the idea, our drummer liked to improvise and enever really learnt a specific thing to play and he also never paid attention to what we were doing as a band (we consequently kicked his ass out)

Basically, if you write it all yourself, let them mess around with what you give them because you're never going to be able to write the PERFECT song by yourself and they'll most likely bring something to it (if they understand the song)

just work on the songs as a band, give them a basic chord structure and the sound of the song and then let them go

hope that helps

P.S. The other singer also writes lyrics, the only person who didn't write lyrics or songs in the band was the drummer, if you're lucky you'll get a VERY well set up band. The other guitarist is practically my music soul mate, we're perfectly in time, we know what the others thinking and it just happens. And the other singer can tell the music mostly, she basically follows me, so just work on it as a band. If you can't get something to work, i advise getting a few acoustic instruments and some brush sticks and playing through the songs that way so that you can tell who does what wrong and/or what you think should happen, if your band works well then you'll go in leaps and bounds.

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