I have a jamman looper by degitech $299
A crate palimino 15w tube $399

both were bough christmas, how much do you think I can get in trade in towards a new amp?
Yes fragydig, a 15 watt amp for $400 is not uncommon.

Keep the crate. That's a great amp.
you'll probably get more for them on eBay then trading them into a store. They have to make a profit too. Those are both nice pieces of gear though.
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What I want to get, don't ask me why, is the v30h in the head version. The 15w already doesn't have a standby, and only one channel. I want to open up my sound, the V30H has 2 channels and should sound about the same. And what's good enough for BoDiddley, is good enough for me.


here is my amp, and the blue thing is the pedal: