I bought myself a set of Vintage Noiseless pickups, and mixed them up... Anyway, are the pickups with the yellow wire always the reverse wound pickups? The reverse wound that was in my strat had a yellow wire, and both the bridge and neck pickup had white wires. Thank you in advance guys.
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Only one of them is reverse-wound. Therefore, if one of them has a different coloured wire set from the other 2, it must be the reverse-wound one, regardless of wire colour. That is, of course, if one of them is indeed reverse-wound and not just a different wire gauge or number of turns. Fender sells the hot noiseless pickups individually, as well as in sets, and one is intended for use in the neck or middle position, and the other in the bridge. The Jeff Beck Strat had these pickups, and if you look closely at Fender's wiring diagrams, you will see pickup part numbers on them. This set is intended to have the different one in the bridge position.
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