my opinion is that the name of this thread should be changed to "Robert Johnson slowed down?".

otherwise, neat. though slightly pointless.
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so I used Audacity to slow down Walkin Blues... it really didn't sound right, it's way too slow at 80%

Robert Johnson is still one of my favorite blues guitarists, I dont care if his stuff was sped up, but still this is an interesting topic...
I read about that on wiki a few months ago. It's pretty interesting, and I believe that it could very well be true, but I like Robert Johnson at the speed that I have him, sped up or not.
It's perfectly possible and plausible, and I actually prefer Love in Vain slowed down... it's even more haunting than the 'normal speed'.
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I kinda like the slower versions as well, you can hear Skip James in there for sure.
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I tried it, don't think it really effected my enjoyment of his music much, to be honest.
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