well i just started out with a behringer v tone and im trying to play kryptonite by 3 doors down my friends guitar teacher was telling me that it will teach me some good things and is also kinda easy...so i decided to learn it but im having some problems first of all sometimes i have to bunch my fingers right up next to each other and they r about to snap off just so i don't mute a string...so i tryed bending my hand more around towards the front of the fretboard but if i do that my hand gets sore very quickly especially when holding down all strings on a fret....so is it just a matter of practice that will fix this or do i have to get liposuction on my hands plz help me out.

Nah mate, youll find that problem will go away if you keep playing. Its all a matter of technique, i had the same problem when i started, now 3 years down the track my fingers are fine and dandy, and doing what i tell them.

Good luck in the future!
phew thankgod i thought u were going to say i needed lipo then i really would have been worried

thanks for your help i'll keep practising
that problem will go away if you keep playing. it's going to be un conforatble for a while though.
Practise,brother.My guitar teacher was a really really fat dude,but he could really shred the shit out of his guitar.
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When you keep playing, your hands will begin to adjust to it. Become stronger, grow etc and so your fingers will adapt to playing the guitar. Just keep in there
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I had the same problem when I was first started out too, and I have long skinny fingers. It's just that your hand is not used to form ing such complex shapes, and applying force to it. Practice is the key. A long time ago, I was learning A Piece of Peace by Joe Santirani, and the song is pretty easy except the first and fourth chord shapes, one required me to to a stretch from the third to the seventh fret, and letting the notes ring was the key to the song, and I had a really tough time with it, so I stopped trying to play that song (don't ever do that though, ALWAYS stick with it) but came back to it about four months later, and despite having not played the song in months, I found I could form the chords with no trouble at all! Practice has an almost non noticable affect to the player himself, but with every passing minute you play, you are getting better, so practice! I usually try to get in at least two hours every day.


DAM* TC I have a same prob here I just noticed that my finger is little fat because when I hold one string the below of of it became muted... now that the pros said it I guess we should have not worry anymore ok time to practice again ^^v

dude I think we have a same practice hour here ^^;
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