Ok, which one is the real one? I have downloaded like 3 versions and they are different.

One is 6 mins and bad quality

One is 2 mins and ok quality

One is 1:42 and is really good quality...

Is there a longer version than the 6 min one?

And what genre is Van Halen classified as?

1:42 is the studio one, maybe the other ones are live performances...
the 1:42 one is the correct version, i believe. 6 minutes of eruption? What? Where you downloadin' these from, son?

btw, you're in the right thread, i would classify VH as classic rock.
6 minutes?? That's probably Eruption segued into You Really Got Me. Eruption is officially 1:42.

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The six-minute one is an obviously bootlegged live version. It's pretty sweet, but the sound quality isn't that good.

And yes, it's six minutes of just Eruption. No medleys.

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Six minutes of Eruption is living hell, its good as a short segue into You Really Got Me, but as a shred solo? Please.
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Six minutes of "Eruption?" Holy crap, I can hardly stand 1:42 of it! Not saying it's bad, but I prefer songs with soul in the music, and in my opinion, "Eruption" is just a bunch of meaningless notes played with speed. I mean, the skill is good, but I don't prefer it over a slow B.B. King solo.
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There's a Van Halen thread in this forum. This is the right area, but could probably go in the 80s Rock area as well. Van Halen started before the forums 1965/1984 CR time period, where anything else is considered to be a different genre. So you are in the right forum.
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^ I think that "time period" thing is completely stupid. bands that weren't in that period can be still classic rock. and (obviously) many that were in the time period aren't.
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^ I think that "time period" thing is completely stupid. bands that weren't in that period can be still classic rock. and (obviously) many that were in the time period aren't.

I'm going to say this once, and only once, and then the discussion on this subject is over with. Classic Rock is a combination* of sound/style and the time period in which it was played. It is not set apart by any one single specification, which is why many bands from this period are completely different in their style of playing(ex: Ac/Dc having a definitive bluesy hard rock style to them, yet Pink Floyd having a progressive feel). Bands today can not be classic rock because they weren't around at the determining time factor, but can still have a classic rock sound to them. But sound alone does not make a band classic rock.

*please note the emphasis used on this word
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i got teh 6 min one on my comp. it owns all other eruptions. but yeah the 1 min 42 sec is the original
Six minutes of "Eruption?" Holy crap, I can hardly stand 1:42 of it!
WHATS WRONG WITH ERUPTION?!?!?!?! But yeah i got the 1:42 one. If youre getting it off limewire or something, someone probably just recorded it at a live conert so itll sound crappy. go with itunes
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