well i have to compliment ur work, really teeny boppy however what with the girl is mine talk, i think u chose the worng title in spite of that but very catchy and... happy,
sry i have no work on heer for u to crit
Thanks for the crit dude.

I was shaky on the title, so I changed it to something that applies more to my relationship.
Awesome again. I think "I Can't Believe" would be a good title for this, because its from the chorus but provides some contrast, as the title sounds like it would be a downer but the song is actually cheery. I listened on headphones and it seemed like the vocal volume was a little up and down all over the place, like some parts were too loud and some parts were too quiet. Maybe go back and check the levels?
This is pretty cool because it's really teen boppy, but it has some heavy instrumentation, which is cool. I love the chorus. Good job. I'm pretty sure you've critted mine already, but here's a link anyway https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091. I liked your movie and your other songs, too, as I've told you before. I want to make a movie like yours. Keep it up.
thanks for the crit. its good.

i agree with the others, its very pop-rock. the vocals are excellent.
the guitaring is simple, but well done, with the stops and starts, you've got a typical diistortion sound for your style, so it works well. The drums: again the same sort of thing, competent but nothing awe-enspiring.

its good so keep it up!