Hello, I need more of thhe power cables that come included with this pedal board! specifically the skinnier ones that fit electro harmonix pedals. Does anyone know where i can buy these seperate?! Thanks
ask for an ac adapter at guitar center. Make sure you check the bottom/back of the pedal for the correct power supply.
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Check out my pedalboard tutorial thread...I'm trying to keep track of stuff like this. All you need to know is the barrel size that fits the board and the size and type of adapter that will fit the pedal in question. When all else fails, call one of the cable providers or the company that makes the pedal/board.

See the links section in post #1 - namely the link to the stompin ground...they have a pretty decent selection of power cables that you can buy individually from them.
check out the 1spot

you can power like a million pedals with it and you can buy adapters for pretty much all common pedalshttp://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Visual-Sound-1-SPOT-Combo-Pack?sku=151694

and here the ehx adapter:


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