Ok I know this is like weird but is there like anything you can sign a very much deserving person up for kinda like Extreme makeover or Oprah's wildest dream thingy. Cause my close friend is the most deserving person for one of those things

does anyone have anything you sign people up for like those
You send in a video to Extreme Makeover.

^good name to the person above me.
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telling someone to go on a makeover show isnt exactly compliementary
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
The only bulge in my pocket is my wallet
No i'm not happy to see you
i know like a show like that where the person does not know they are going to be picked

i want to enter him in something

not a makeovver show
make a wish foundation??

why is your friend deserving if you dont mind my asking
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cause he comes from a crazy home.

He is 17 dropped out of school cause he felt he was to dumb to progress, but he isnt.

He can do so much stuff

the best guitarist i have ever heard

best bike rider

best skateboarder

he is extremely athletic

good at all sports

but he does not feel he is

his family is poor he lives with his mom who is living with her abusive boyfriend

his dad owes 13000

thousand thats right 13 thousand dollars of child support

his dad is always drunk his mother cusses him out trying to get him to call his dad for child support

and OMG he is just so deserving