im gonna go to guitarcenter on sunday and get a wah
ive basically been looking into the VOX wahs

but i just thought i'd ask of there are any other wahs i should try...

i mostly play rchp, hendrix, nirvana (i know...kurt doesn't really use a wah...), RATM, clash...yea basically funk. punk, grunge kinda stuff

any suggestions besides the vox wahs?


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Vox seems to be the general favorites around here. Otherwise try the Dunlop 535Q.
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just try some out hendrix used vox wah dunlop is the one most people go to so just try stuff out
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well..which dunlop models would fit my music?

i heard the original and classic crybabys are shit in a box...never tried one though...


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france is laaaaame

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Vox V847 has better tone and a wider sweep than the Crybaby Classic, in my experience. However, that's all the wah experience I have. But the Vox is brilliant.
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none of the dunlop crybaby original, classic, that stuff.
if u really want a dunlop, get a 535Q.
like... original/classic has no wah range
massive tonesucker too.
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Well, the original/classic are loads cheaper than the other ones and can be modified to hell. Personally, I'm happy about my modified Dunlop Classic Crybaby.
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Other guitarist in my band has a 535Q..... but I went with the Budda Wah myself. MUCH more of a Rock Wah.... and True Bypass and quiet. But it'll set you back around $160.00. The only Wah I'll ever need..... you should try one.
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Play another Vox, clyde mccoy maybe.

But for the styles you play, vox.
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