Well...I happened to get my hands on an original vintage Celestion G12T speaker. But...the ****ers in the backseat of my car decided to put a huge gash into the back of it!!!!

im going to make them pay me back...so i'm open to suggestions for a new speaker.
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Oh good grief, don't just make 'em pay back with money!
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**** burzum XD

there i said it...kinda

edit: i do realise they are not here...so i kinda didnt say it...

okay i checked out the vintage 30 speaker online and it says that its rated for 60 watts.
my amp is 60 watts. Would this be a problem if i got this one b/c I thought you were always supposed to get speakers that gave u some headroom.
Gibson Explorer
Jackson Soloist SL3
Orange Tiny Terror
Mesa 2x12
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vintage 30s

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You could always get it reconed.

yea, just get it reconed. You'll still get to keep your nice and broken-in vintage voice coil

I would have been so pissed at whoever ripped it. They wouldn't have to pay me back but since they cut my speaker phone I would request that I get to cut their face with a box cutter