I just cant strum with my hands and i dont care if i practice or not.... is it a big deal.... I carry picks in my wallet.. lol

Some dude was bragging the other day that strumming with his hand makes it more natural and stuff, and it didnt bother me when he said it i just went like W.e but now it hit me should i :S>?
It's not that big of a deal, but you might as well learn how to do it.
if you don't care don't worry about it
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.
Just find a comfortable position that doesnt mute the strings when you strum.
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I just cant strum with my hands and i dont care

so strum with ur feet.

i use my thumb sometimes. it's no big deal.

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if I'm chord strumming, I use my fingernails as picks on the downstroke, and my thumb nail on the upstroke, seems to work well. For picking type stuff with my fingers, I just put my pointer finger and thumb together like I was holding a pick, but just using my fingernail.
hand struming is more fluid and gentle sounding. pick strumming can be heavier and sharper sounding.

just like treble and bass, melody and rythem, lead and backup etc.