Ok I want to do this "montage" I think its called not too sure But I have a main picture of myself and I want use all the albums , artists , and people that inspire me to make it up. Like lots of small pictures that make up the giant picture of me.. How would I go about doing that??
I believe you're talking about a collage. A montage is an effect used in cinema used to convey passage in time, or a certain effect/emotion. Not too sure though, it's been a while.

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i know exactly what your talking about , like when they get a million little pictures of peoples faces and then they put them all together such that when you look at it from far away it looks like someone or something , you'd need a lot of pictures to do that ,
like at least 225 or 144 , i've seen it done with a very small amount of pictures[like 10] but it was much harder to percieve what was trying to be portrayed
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