I really have been cranking out song ideas this past week and i posted a few here. Well, heres another one.

I was trying to capture the upbeat feel of 90s Japanese game music (specifically the Sonic the hedgehog series of games) I think i got it to sound how i want it to. I was going to arrange the whole thing a little better with repeating parts and such but I don't want to bore you guys with that. The version posted here is one run-through of each part and the ending so its only 1m14s long.

Crit for Crit.

Sorry this took so long, i was at work all day today. Thanks for your advice.

Well, without repeating anything it makes it a little hard to determine the song structure .
The bass was used effectively throughout.
Your goal of remaining upbeat throughout was also done very well.

The only thing I have to say is that you may not have enough music written to complete the song. Even if you repeat each of these parts multiple times it will either be too repetitive or not long enough. Other than that I think the whole thing was pleasant and pretty good.

Thanks again for your help
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