I would like to know more about Randy but all the sites I check don't know much.
How many Rhoads Vs did he have? I'm almost sure it was 2 (white w/black stripe, and the black one without a bar) What wood were they made of?
How many LPs did he have, and which one did he use? I know he had his cream one, but I swear in some pics he looks like he's got an alpine white one.
Also, what pickups did he use in any of his guitars. Thanks.

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Seymour Duncan pickups. I only know that cause I've still got the pair I took out of my RR to be replaced by EMGs.

I think everything you get with the USA Standard Select Series is pretty standard to the setup and materials of the original (minus gold hardware and shit).

I have some Rhoads trivia:
The original V was inspired by the (now defunct) concord aeroplane. It's most evident in the original white V.
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