itunes does it, doesn't it? Advanced>convert selection to mp3
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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i dont know where i got the program but you could e-mail me the file and i can convert it for you...

I googled it awhile back and most of the programs i downloaded were bullshit but this one was like really hard to find (and it was the only one that was free)
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itunes does it, doesn't it? Advanced>convert selection to mp3

it converts it to .m4a.

Just go to www.download.com/ and search mac mp3 converter like 3 come up.

Or download ffmpegx. You have to get all the binaries and put and in files and everything, but its really worth it. You can convert nearly anything with it.
^^ im not sure about the mac version but iTunes can convert to both AAC and MP3