uh... this is pretty stupid but I am learning Beer by reel big fish to cover in my garbage band, and for some reason my pick keeps getting all sideways in my fingers. if I keep a tighter grip on it then it happens less but feels like I'm going to break strings tearing at them so roughly the entire song. this happens a little bit with other fast ska upstroke kinds of songs, but this song is by far the worst. Its so bad that I get messed up and have to take a second to put the pick back right and mistime the solo, etc.
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I didn't think I was this bad, but maybe considering the fact that I"m self taught I've been holding my pick wrong for what has been 2 years now. ****. advice?
well, search up the right way to hold a pick, just in case.

otherwise try dunlop tortex picks, which arent slippery like plastic ones. or cut sme slits in ya pick with something sharp (not all the way just to give it grip, or attach some sandpaper with glue, put some small holes in to give grip, or superglue it to ya hand...
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its probably the way you hold the pick. the way i do it is that..hm. this is weird to explain in type. two fingers only, thumb and index. the pick shouldn't go past the first knuckle. it'll be..perpendicular to your nail. and then put the thumb over it.

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Make sure you're using a fairly heavy pick, and don't have too much of it sticking out - that's all really.

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I haven't been playing long, but I would get frustrated now and then because of the exact same thing. My pick would tend to have a mind of it's own and start to rotate to where I'd eventually have to stop just to correct it.

I found and bought a couple of these at a local music store and immediately fell in love with 'em.
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It's not the end of the world if you're holding it "wrong". Paul Gilbert changed how he held his plectrum after 7 years of playing haha.
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