I'm looking to buy a marshall DSL401. I'm having no luck finding any in France, and I was wondering how much it would cost to ship one from the UK to France and if it would be worth it and all?

Check Ebay:DSL 401 - Ex-Demo - condition new - from Music Shop w guarantee - 666 euros (+ shipping)

It's cheaper buying from Germany and have it deliver by La Poste.
Shipping should be roughly 40 euros for 20 kgs.

Just make sure they ship through DeutschePost/DHL. DHL works with the DeutschePost for all international packages so you can even have the amp addressed POSTE RESTANTE.

I do it all the time.
well, i see some dsl401 going for 500 euros in the UK, which is why i was asking, 666 euros is a bit much.
The problem is Royal Mail International Parcel weight limit is 20 kg, and the amp is barely more.
UPS quotes 125 UK pounds for delivery between London and Paris.
UK Parcel Force quotes roughly 55 UK pounds for:

Destination: France
Service: "International Standard" (This service is only available at Post Office® Branches)
Delivery: 4-6 days
Max Weight: 30 kg
Not tracked
Compensation claim: max 150 UK pounds

UK Parcel Force Quote calculator (click here)

... then click on "Need a price".
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