Does anyone have any experience with these? Either the 30 watt Bivalve or the 15 watt Univalve. Also, does anyone have any experience with the Hot Plate, because there is one integrated in the amp. I just sold about 1000 $ in gear, might even sell more, and I was looking into a new amp. Any other suggestions for a moderate wattage (30-50) tube amp.
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$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

I've played the Univalve before, personally I was not impressed at all. Not to mention, one of the main selling points is the fact attenuation is built-in but the THD stand-alone hot plate sounds much better.

How loud do you need the amp?

Anyways, that being said with $1000 you might want to look into..
*Orange Tiny Terror (15/7 watts)
*Orange AD30 (30 watts)
*ZVex Nano (1 1/2 watts)

*Matamp XV (7 watts)
*Lots of Dr Z amps are in the lower-wattage-heads category

If you don't really care about the price and really just want pure juicy tone, just get one of those 18-watt Marshall combos. They come cheap when it comes to the amount of happiness they give (~$1200)