There is a thread for pictures of people's gear......
" The Bullet Special Edition has about 22 medium frets. Squier keeps it simple with the single coil humbucker...... Unfortunately it doesn't have switchable distortion."

Found on a UG REVIEW
^Dude, you're from hawaii?

GG DUDE! Which island?
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-Esp/Ltd Ec-1000 w/ BKP Mules
-2-channel Titan
-Oversized Bogner 2x12 Cabinet
-Fulltone OCD
-RMC Picture Wah
-T.C. Electronic Nova Delay
-Larrivee D-03R
Vox pathfinder 10's are awesome. I want to buy one and make it into a little 5 watt tube amp.
<img src="http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c221/RyanK285/HPIM0954.jpg?t=1172334396">

I have no need for a halfstack, yet i wish i had one
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