while wasting time in the music store. i wondered over to the bass section

and saw this


the bass on the far left.

all the other basses looked so average and cheap. this thing was just wow.

so i tried it and it played soo good.

im like in love. and i dont even play bass

i want to buy this bass and take up bass and live happily ever after

but it costs au$1400

im a kid so that kinda money is hard to come by.
and i already have to save up for a new guitar amp which will cost around $1000

however the store does do a laybuy time thing. where u get the instrument and pay it off on a weekly or monthly basis.

oh my god i love this bass
Wow, sweet.
However, for that price, your need for an amp and the fact that you don't play bass sort of makes it not worth the trouble. But you can still look at it. I know I do with those custom Warriors
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nice spotting

i've played a B4 and it is foocking sweet

but the GB series corts are awesome too - and they're around AU$400 - with active Mighty Mite J and MM pickups

i have a simple cort action which has never failed me - very underatted and very good
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