I decided I'd learn the basics/as much as I can on my own because otherwise a teacher seemed like a waste. I'd still like to go in the future and hopefully correct any bad habits and well, I'm not sure what he'd be able to teach an advanced player.

So, how do I go about choosing a guitar player that can teach me advanced stuff? (Not sure all would be really advanced... who knows, I might play better than some random teacher advertising at GuitarCenter in a few years.. I'm sure it'll happen someday)

What do I tell him? "I already know a lot of stuff... so umm, teach me new stuff" "have you tried this?" "yep" "this?" "yep" "this?" "yep" "Ok what DON'T you know?" "Well I wouldn't need you if I knew would I??"

I think what I really need out of a teacher is strumming patterns and timing... or I could take songs to him that I'm not sure how to play and he could help..
yeah show him what songs u can do, then he'll correct your techniques
and songs you wanna play and what direction u wanna go in.
E.g. i wanna be lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, folk, classical etc..

I wasted $20 to relearn how to tune a guitar, E A D G B e...
LMFAO advanced stuff, don't even...

Anyway, just tell him what you know and what you want to learn. Ask him to go through a list of what he teaches beginners and then if you're not 100% sure of something tell him.
I've been playing 4 years and only recently got in guitar lessons. Luckily, a guitarist of a local power metal band teaches me, and he was classically trained, so he knows pretty much everything, he corrects any playing flaws/bad habits, teaches me theory, shows me excercises, and can basically play anything I ask. Make sure you aren't better than your guitar teacher.

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