Hi, I will be holidaying to the US in about 3 or 4 months and was hoping to pick up a new guitar on my travels, probably a stratocaster. I have been looking at prices on the net, on sites such as guitar centre, musicians friend etc.
They all have prices of around 1000 usd but then a list price of say 1500 usd or something like that. I was just wondering what would be the common price to pay for an american strat in the US, in a store. because i wouldnt buy off the internet.
I am left handed so i know they are always a little more expensive left handed.
Any help much appreciated, i cant go on a 3 month trip and not have a guitar with me and im not gonna take my RG1570 with me!
Depending on which one you get.

The deluxe is about 1200 USD. It ranges from 800-1200, depending if they feel nice and if they're on sale or what not!
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