When strumming how can some guitarists seem be able to strum all strings on say a A powerchord (not moveable) and make it sound fine yet when I do it other strings sound.

A example is Malcolm Young. They use powerchords like this and he seems to strum fully all the time.

I hope you understand.

Elliot Waters

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you should mute the other strings. for example if you play this:
then mute the low E with your thumb, and the thinner strings by gently touching them with either your index or middle or ring or whatever...
you can also do this when playing moveable powerchords (i do it all the time). and it helps if you don't have too low action.
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or you can just play the strings that your fretting like say your doing the beging to high way to hell in stead of strumming the whole chord you just strum the part you need. hope that helped.
the d cord at the beginning you only really need to strum this part of it
b3 then b3
g2 g0
d0 d0
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