I think it's great.
What kind of genre is it? The melody or the song.
Very well written lyric, I must say.
well, i think it would be suited to a slower heavy metal tune like iron maidens 'hallowed be thy name' or 'the legacy', or judas priests 'beyond the realms of death'.
Quote by slann101
hi - this is the war within.

Staring into the pit of broken souls
Claws tearing at my will
But I resist the call of eternal death
From the children that I kill

its good i liked it

Creeping into the shadows
Sweet ignorance cant save you here
Damnation awaits you now my son
I live for the scent of fear

last line try " i live and smell this scent of fear " it will add to flow a bit

Let death take you
Become one of us
Banish your morals
Give in to your lust

chorus is good and catchy

Innocence lost
The truth is gained
Past the point of no return
You try to scream
To those you love
But they’ll only see you burn.

its ok l3 seeems a little bit forced though


Childhood lost, nothing gained
You welcomed him with open arms
Embraced the darkest parts of your soul
Burnt your allegiance on your palms

Pledge your soul to the masters whims
Subject to his desires
No love, no thanks, only loss
As your cast into the fire

so, what you think?

overall i liked it i will give you 4/5 .
ya to me it sounds better bu t i dnt know about all the users . hey dude u also posted its good i liked it go edit it