What Live Version of a song was so awesome...that now...Its impossible
for you to accept the album version?
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For me I don't think I could choose between live and album for any song. There are aspects of each version that i prefer and dislike.

....Except Dragonforce. They should stick to the album.
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'Baby's on Fire', the live version with Kevin Ayers, John Cale and Nico is so much better than the one that Eno put down on his album.
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Gravity - John Mayer

the album version just doesnt have the same soul. its beautiful, but almost sterile
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Rock and Roll All Nite- KISS

Actually I don't think I've ever heard the album version. Apparently they have like 30 people singing the chorus, and it didn't get any recognition on the radio until the live version on Alive! was released.
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