hi there - im thinking of buying the Behringer Overdrive Distortion Guitar FX Pedal OD100 from reigleighs for £16.94. anythink i should know b4 i go through with it?
Man I have this pedal, it is THE BIGGEST waste of money EVER. It is a dodgy piece of SHIT! Behringer sucks, especially this pedal.
think about it, you get u pay for. There will be no good sounding anything at £16.94. Behringer is especialy bad for reliability and at that price lets be honest, it will sound like crap! Save up some more and get a decent OD pedal, theres plenty out there, just not behringer!

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Not cause it's behringer, but because it sounds terrible. I was given one by my girlfriend, i tried it, and sold it 5 hours later. Get A TUBESCREAMER or ANYTHING ELSE for that matter. Invest in good gear...
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Are you talking about that little blue pedal that has the three different amp simulators and a direct XLR out? If so, I played one of these at my local music shop and it sounded great. We hooked it up direct to a PA system and it sounded huge. They said that they use it for recording direct in their studio. I believe the US price was around $50. I was impressed.
if you want a behringer pedal that sounds vaguely passable go for the "Blues Overdrive" BO100...ive use one occasionally and it does the job if you dont mind fiddling around with it for a while to get an ok tone.

Also if your gona get it, get it from www.dolphinmusic.co.uk where its only £12.
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