I Hate them, i have them... and i hate them. is there any way of getting rid of them quicker without using any like super expensive treatments or surgery?

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Your face needs to be exposed to extreme heat, this way the scars will dry up and practically become invisible. Good luck.
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Take zinc tablets as they are meant to be good for the skin, and promotes healing (or something ). They fade with times as well but acne scars never go away truly.
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My best advice is dont squeeze or pick at your spots. Avoid touching your face, and drink plenty of water. Thats about it.

I used to have horendous acne around my jawline and up the sides near my ears, I found out later it was from leaning with my hand on my face in lessons. Theyve gone now as I dont go to college anymore

My mate used to get Boils on his ear lobes, now that is ****ing gross.
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they make a creme that is supposed to reduce scars

I used it on my back after i got surgery and it worked fairly good and was a good price

i forget the name of the stuff but my Dr. recommended it to me
Acne has to be one of the stupidest things ever. I never got/get big spots but a fair few smaller ones, and some seem to scar and there is nothing I can do about it.

Drinking a lot of water and washing the area's affected with a facial scrub of some kind (like simple in the UK) doesn't do any harm.

I was taking anti-biotics for it for a bit but they seemed to **** my stomach up and stuff. Treatments from the doctors are generally good though.
Don't worry bud.
I've got huge acne scars on my back
They almost cover half of my back
But all scars fade in time
And creams really help speed up the process
Remember, you're not alone here.
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The scars will fade but never disapear. That will teach you for popping them
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