Well, basically I'm in the hunt for a new guitar...and I've come across two particular models that are to my liking. More specifically, the Jackson is the Pro Series KE3 Kelly, while the B.C. Rich model is the platinum series' Zombie.

Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Well the zombie is made of agathis, has crappy humbuckers, and a very dodge LFR that'll have a dull knife edge after a few months of use.

The KE3 has decent humbuckers and a not-as-dodgy LFR .

Of course, the KE3 is more expensive...

What's your price range?
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Get the Jackson.
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i played a zombie at a local guitar center and i found it to sound kind of bad to me
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For God's sake, the JACKSON!

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Id say bc rich but I dont like the zombie model. So go with the jackson then.

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