I've been thinking of starting guitar for ages now, and finally got one for my bday (Epi G310 - give your opinions on this for a starter guit if you don't mind)

Anyway I've been playing nonstop for about 2 weeks and really enjoying it, but all I've been doing is getting the tabs with six lines and dots on each one. Haven't payed any attention to the notes at all, the only thing I know is the name of each string.

Should I bother learning the theory side. I am prob gonna be going to a teacher in a few weeks but dunno if I should waste lessons doing that.

Thanks, remember to tell what you think of the Epi G310 as a starter.
every guitar is a good starter as long as the price wasn't too high.And some lessons don't hurt anyone ; you can get much further with lessons. I never took lessons but I don't know much theory and stuff and it's pretty hard to learn that after you already have a basis.
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the only way you will ever make your own music is by learning theory so yes do

Two words:

John Lennon

he didn't know crap about theory, but he wrote a massive amount of hit songs.

but yes theory does help... in a way.. except don't learn too much, otherwise the theory will write the music, not you.
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Learn how the basics of guitar first, pick up Guitar for Dummies. If you can't actually play yet your lesson time will be split between teaching the basics of dexterity/technique and the basics of theory. That's better for the teacher but you'll progress much slower.