which model should i go for?

parker p44
michael kelly valor custom archtop
agile al3000

I have big palm but small fingers, and my rg1570 is giving me pain and cramps. Its way too wide for me, wider than some other older wizard necks i try, no fuking idea why ibanez increase the width. So basically, wide necks are really off for me. (Wide not thick necks . . .)

I am a chameleon guitarist. I could be a blues man, but next day i might be a metal head, the following week i might be a little emo(which i doubt so but who knows) and so on. My main influences is dire straits right now. Some other bands/guitarist i like include of eric johnson, eric clapton, eagles, paul gilbert.
Well, the Michael Kelly doesn't have very good fret access, but it's sexy as hell, and plays ace.
The Parker has a coil tap, 24 easy to reach frets, and overall kick ass specs.
The AL-3000 is beautiful, and affordable.

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure. Play them I guess.
Go into the store, grab one, and see how they play.
Yeah, what he said.
I havent actually played any of them but i have looked at them.
Jackson Dinky? I dunno, try that mabie if you can. Or mabie Jackson soloist if you want some single coils with that serving of kick ass.
Status: Taken.
I actually could only try out the parker. The rest, arent really available in my location. The parker neck suit me well, and I am currently lying towards parker more. But could someone tell me more on the piezo thingy, can it do? I am able to produce acoustic tone without any pedals, and what else? distortation or? The one i tried didnt have any piezo stuff right there so couldnt really try out