I am going to sound like a fking retard, but I didn't realise the guit made a different sound at the different pickups, I just found out.

I just wanna know, should I be switching pickups between different chords and notes etc. as I was playing a sound and the bass sounds better on one and the higher chord better on another.

Is there any general rule, do tabs tell you what to use at all. I do realise that dif models have different numbers of pickups.

far out...



ok, now im over it.
The different positions have different tones, most of the time i guess you use the bridge pickup, but sometimes in solos its best to use the neck pickup. and if you have HSS you can also combine the middle pickup with the neck pickup for a heavier tone.
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I've been using the ****in neck pickup the whole time. HSS is Middle pickup?
Neck pickup is more commonly used for cleans and over-driven rhythm.
Bridge is more commonly used for over-driven lead work.
Of course if just depends on what kind of tone your after, for example clean funk is more often than not on the bridge pickup and mellow solos (Think GNR) is played on the neck pickup.
To be honest it doesn't matter, whatever you like best. But I usually stick strictly to cleans played on the neck pup, it sounds a bit harsh with my 1 meg pots otherwise.